The school year has just begun, but that doesn’t mean our children aren’t experiencing the spooky…“homework hate.” While it is easy for our children to feel overwhelmed, between sports, school, and Eye Level, our goal-setting tips are just what can help your children accomplish their goals and overcome “homework hate.”

Reading is an essential skill that most children learn in early childhood. English has just 26 letters but many more sounds, and in order to read, children must learn to decode those letters and sounds into the correct words. …

“If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it well enough yourself.”

- Albert Einstein

One wonders why would a renowned genius scientist, Albert Einstein need to equate all the knowledge in the world with the understanding of a six year old child. Is it…

How to create a positive learning environment for the children

‘When a flower doesn’t bloom, we fix the environment and not the flower.’

-Alexander Den Heijer

A positive environment basically means a conducive, productive space for an individual to learn and grow. Since a young mind is not an empty vessel to fill, rather is an individual with choices and…

Eye Level of Alexandria

Eye Level is a supplementary education program that promotes self-directed learning, helps children develop academic skills, and build confidence.

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