How to create a positive learning environment for the children

How to create a positive learning environment for the children

-Alexander Den Heijer

A positive environment basically means a conducive, productive space for an individual to learn and grow. Since a young mind is not an empty vessel to fill, rather is an individual with choices and preferences, it is imperative to create a positive, happy space for young ones to learn and develop their skills and talents. In a nutshell, a positive environment may be key to acknowledging the child’s choices and enhance his/her inclination to receive knowledge.

For creating a positive environment, the first step is to take your child’s opinion into consideration. Letting them choose the decor/furniture or decorating the space in their own way is not only a good way to teach them values of aesthetics and home economics, but actually develops soft skills such as self-actualization and confidence. Children are more likely to benefit from the environment if they feel it is personalized. Since every mind works in its own unique pattern, they may choose to thrive in cleanliness or give it a random look, but the space should not be left unused.

But while you may consider their opinion, they are ultimately children and may not understand what’s best for them always. To prevent hazardous situations, it is also important to maintain the health and safety of children in the positive environment. Having a proper designated place for sharp items such as scissors, staplers etc. ensures safety. Furniture with no hard and sharp edges is also advised to be used in such an environment where children are more likely to spend time. Creating an environment where children feel mentally safe to express themselves is also one of the best ways to encourage positivity. To encourage linguistic and mathematical inclination, keeping a whiteboard and various puzzles such as Sudoku around may be a good idea to keep the children’s brain cells ticking.

A positive learning environment is as much mental as much as it is physical and tangible. It is important to understand your kid’s psychology and give them praise or advice accordingly. Highlighting your child’s merit and hanging their achievements’ certificates or medals may boost their self-esteem, while constantly giving a sandwich feedback (with a lot of praise and some suggestions for improvement) may motivate them to work better on their own. Having an approachable attitude may also let them know that they are not alone in their learning process and they can come to their family for help, which develops a sense of collaborative existence in the society too.

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